As a coach I help women to remove obstacles preventing them from creating the results they really want in life. I can bring balance and achievement into the lives of my clients.

I will use bespoke questioning and feedback to raise your self-awareness, confidence and accountability for your current career status and future career goals. You will have access to a range of coaching tools including progress workbook, self-reflection exercises and email coaching between sessions.

I offer a range of packages for women who may be facing redundancy, an entrepreneur, seeking a work-life balance, returning to work, seeking career development or a career change.


This package is for hardworking, ambitious and committed women who want more from their career. If you have been working in a professional job for a few years, you may be ready to progress into a position of increased responsibility. This could mean leading a team or having more autonomy over your work. Having experienced these early on in my career I understand how exciting and how challenging this stage of your career can be.

My career development package consists of 6 or 12 sessions that can help you to develop the skills you need to manage more responsibility, deal with daily challenges at work and be an effective leader. This package can also help you to:

  1. get clarity on what your motivators and core values are.
  2. work on your limiting beliefs and goal setting.
  3. create an action plan and accountability system to get more from your career.
  4. learn how to deepen your business relationships and make lasting impressions at work.
  5. learn about the importance of developing a strong personal brand.
  6. Learn the key to networking.
  7. build confidence and performance at work.


If you have decided that your current career isn’t right for you and want to change career paths, this package can help you.  A career change could be starting a new job at a new company, a complete change into a new industry, starting a business or going freelance.

This package consists of 6 or 12 sessions and can provide you with the structure and guidance you need to plan and execute a career change into a career you really want or a new business even if you are unsure what that career/business looks like just yet.

During these sessions I will help you to work on:

  1. understanding what you are passionate about, what motivates you and what your core values are.
  2. defining your vision and an action plan for your career/business.
  3. defining and developing your personal brand.
  4. deepening your network and building business/career relationships.
  5. building your confidence and drive.
  6. your limiting beliefs and goal setting.


This package consists of 6 or 12 sessions and is for women who are returning to work after a career break, maternity leave or sickness. I understand that this can be a challenging and overwhelming time, I can help smooth your transition from home to the workplace through my career development or career change package.


This package is designed for ambitious women, who are ready to make life-changing decisions, take bold and unapologetic actions and commit to a complete personal transformation. If you work in a client facing job/business, want to get noticed at work, your feeling unhappy or uninspired by your personal image and you want more from your career/business, I can teach you how to remove the obstructions preventing you from reaching your career goals and how to build a wardrobe that will, give you confidence, get you noticed at work and will open your life up to an abundance of opportunities.

This package consists of:

  1. 12 sessions of either the career development, career change or return to work package.
  2. a brand new style profile for a capsule wardrobe of your choice.
  3. a wardrobe edit and style bible detailing key pieces for the capsule wardrobe of your choice, styling tips for your body shape, seasonal and mini wardrobe calendar.
  4. a personal shopping day to create the capsule wardrobe of your choice.
  5. Email coaching/styling in between sessions.

This package is currently only available to UK residents.

To enquire about these packages please complete contact form below and I will be in touch to discuss how I can help you.