Uptown Girls Wardrobe, specialises in personal style & career coaching for ambitious women.

It is my mission to encourage, enable and empower ambitious women to become what they really want to be in life whether that is, the badass business owner, a key player in the office or the entrepreneur at the top of her game . I use coaching and personal styling services to help women to define their vision, remove obstacles, gain self-confidence, reclaim their power and balance in their life.

My coaching packages are for ambitious women who want more from their career/business and life. I offer my clients the opportunity to unplug from their hectic lifestyles to discuss think about where they are in their life, where they want to be and to set future goals to become who they really want to be. It could be a career change, a new role within you current job, confidence or performance at work, setting up your business or simply working out how you can get more from your current job, I am happy to assist you with all of your coaching needs.

Turning to my personal styling packages, they are designed to help women create a lasting impression in the office, during client meetings and at work presentations during social gatherings. The reason I chose to offer personal styling services alongside career coaching is because what you wear conveys a powerful message about who you are, my bespoke personal styling packages offer women the opportunity to be in control of the version of themselves (personal brand) that they present to their work colleagues, boss, clients and the world in general.

My coaching and styling packages can be purchased separately or as a combined package (also known as “The Uptown Package“). This package is designed for women that want to focus on personal development, want more from their career/business, to disrupt the market and want their personal brand to get noticed by global audiences.

If you have been unable to reach your career/business goals and to define and build your personal brand this changes today! If you would like help removing the obstructions that are preventing you from achieving your goals/dreams then please contact me (click here)ย to arrange a free 40 minute call to discuss how I can help you.

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CAREER change

This package is designed for women who are considering changing career or who have a business idea and need help getting started. We will help you to discover the career path that is best suited to your personality, skills, qualifications and passions. We will help you to devise a plan that will help you to make decisions, take action and remain committed to achieving your career aspirations.


This package is designed for women who love what they do but are ready to move up to the next level on the career ladder/take their business to the next level. We will help you to identify the obstructions preventing you from achieving your career/business goals.


This package is designed for women returning to work after maternity leave, sickness or a career break. This can be a challenging time and you may be feeling anxious, overwhelmed and lacking in confidence. We can help you by teaching you tools that will make this transition from home, back into the workplace as smooth as possible.


This package is designed for ambitious women, who are ready to make life-changing decisions, take bold and unapologetic action and commit to a complete personal transformation. This package has been perfectly designed for you if you want to achieve extraordinary success in your career or want to run an highly successful business and wish to do so in style. This package offers women the opportunity to receive specialist advice on image branding alongside career coaching.

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This package is designed to help the busy working woman who understands the importance of having impeccable personal style but has very little time to invest in her wardrobe. I’ll help you to define your personal style and edit your wardrobe in accordance with your styling goals. You’ll receive bespoke styling advice on how to, dress and shop for your body shape, lifestyle and budget and how to make the most of your existing and capsule wardrobe.


This package is designed to give the busy working woman the total style experience. Iโ€™ll help you to define your personal style, edit, shop and then rebuild your wardrobe until it is filled with pieces that you’ll love.ย 


Whether it’s a wedding or a black tie party i’ve got you covered with my clean, classy and chic take on occasion dressing. If you need help finding the perfect outfit for an upcoming event I’m happy to shop with you and give my honest and friendly advice.


Whether it’s a holiday, honeymoon or work retreat i’m here to help you with all of your styling needs. I will help you put together a capsule wardrobe that’s bespoke to your event, will ensure you look clean, classy and chic and will definitely make the best dressed list.

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With my creative, bold and innovative approach I also work with designers, brands and other creatives to disrupt the market and to get noticed by global audiences. Creative direction and styling services I offer include editorials, look books, music videos, fashion films, social media and website content.

To enquire about my fashion styling services or for business collaborations please contact me on Email: Uptowngirlswardrobe@hotmail.com  Instagram: uptown_girls_wardrobe